Burn the Bridge

I’m a bit of a pyro. I love fire. Love burning things.

There is something incredibly therapeutic about burning something that you want to get rid of. I love shredding things, but burning is next level. Emotional. I had fondue the other night and even that little candle set my heart alight with joy.

The husband really wants to get a fire pit for the backyard and I am in full favour of this idea. Imagine having my own little fire; yes to burn stuff, but also fires can be nice to sit by, and toast marshmallows.

But really it’s just about burning stuff.

The saying goes “don’t burn your bridges” and it’s meaning is clear; don’t irreparably damage something that you might need later.

But what about the bridges that should be burnt?

What about the pathways we shouldn’t go back down, the negative thoughts or relationships that lead us to our own destruction, the things that need forgetting?

Shouldn’t we burn those bridges down and dance around the flames?

The scars of the past will not dictate the future.
Burn the bridge.

Everything that was written and said to you, stabs in the back, your own misadventures.
Burn the bridge.

Dance around the flames.
Toast a marshmallow, or two.

“When one burns one’s bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.” – Dylan Thomas


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